Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Tabitha (final?)


Here's where I started, with elements of Mike's Arthur's and my own. Pretty happy with how this turned out, but nowhere near as good as...

This is Tabitha's (more or less) final design. We never really landed on whether the little cheek markings would spread from the center like cat whiskers or be perpendicular. I don't have a preference. Drawn without clothes here since she's mostly naked in the first issue. I figure we can nail down exactly what she'll be wearing later. This design is primarily based on Arthur's last drawing of her, but still has little elements of Mike's an mine. I gave her a bit more of a bust too, 'cause, well, it's me.


Maybe an interesting idea? Um... yeah... Based on some art Mike had done... Not sure I did anything good with it though.


A practice in drawing King (sorry for the shitty perspective.) I thought I'd try out the little crown tattoo above his eye. I'll let you guys decide how successful it is.

That's all from me for today. Thanks for the great work last night, guys. I hope you like this stuff, Seb.

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